Let’s discuss gambling industry and its attributes

europeanrevolution.netLet’s discuss gambling industry and its attributes. The gambling industry is the industry with deals in casinos. These casinos are built or combined with hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, retail shopping or tourist attractions. The minimum gambling age in most of the countries is 16 to 21 years. The gambling is played on the basis of game of chance. Some of the games are black jack, craps, roulette, baccarat. The games have mathematically determined odds and the houses are ensured that all there is an overall advantage over the players. It is expressed by notion of expected value which is uniformly negative and this advantage is called house edge. There is security cameras located in the casinos as there are chances of the large amount of currency in the casino to be stolen by the patrons or staff. The casino security is generally divided by physical security forces and a specialized surveillance department. The security force usually patrols the casino and also responds to call for assistance. They also report suspicious or a criminal activity.


There is a closed circuit television system known as the “eye in the sky” is operated by the specialized surveillance department. Both the departments are properly coordinated and they ensure the safety of guests as well as the casino asset. They have been successful in preventing crime. There are catwalks in the ceilings so that the surveillance personnel can look directly down on the activity table and slot machines. Because of cameras and other technologies in the casino the security is enforced to look after the conduct and behavior. The cards which the players are holding in their hands are visible so they are required to keep them on the table.

The Gambling Controversy

The controversy of casinos involves crime rate. The studies show a positive relationship between the casino and crime is failed to consider the population at risk when they calculate the crime rate in casino areas. This doesn’t count the visitors in the population as this overstates the crime ration in casino. Some police reports say that the incidence occurs double and triple in the communities within three to four years of casino’s opening. The casinos have developed in marketing technologies for attracting patrons over the past few decades and they also maintained loyal patrons. Some casinos uses loyalty rewards program which tracks players and their spending habits. They also target their patrons effectively by sending mails with free slot play and other promotions as well.

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